HPXD - High Point x Design

A community celebrates an overdue ribbon cutting

On our last Design Day of 2022, our members, partners and friends gathered in downtown High Point, at the corner of Main and High, for HPxD’s ribbon cutting. 

An honor bestowed on each member of the Chamber of Commerce and typically scheduled where a place of business operates, we did ours on the streets of our city, symbolic of our dedicated vision for a year-round open High Point. 

To go back for a moment, and share our origin story – HPxD was born in March of 2020 when a group of friends, neighbors, and industry pros, many of whom helmed brands and/or owned showrooms, started Saturday morning meetups at Cohab Space as a way to stay connected during the pandemic. With the postponement of the Spring 2020 High Point Market, the group felt a sense of urgency to open to sustain business, and then with the explosive demand for furniture and interior design services that swiftly followed, we felt it was our duty to open. 

The phrase “Design Never Goes Dark” defined our movement, and continues to be our mantra. We relish impacting change in our community through design and bringing the design world together in the off-market. It takes a village to make change and a beautiful representation of our village showed up at the ribbon cutting. It was a joyous and validating moment, fuel for our mission.