Oly is a bit of a (delightful) step through the looking glass. The brand flagship is an enchanting world of furniture, lighting and unusual objects. Graceful forms with a modern edge straddle familiar and fantasy. Oly is a coveted stop on any HPxD adventure.

For two decades, Oly creators and designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger have culled a collection with a consistent vocabulary that reflects a point of view and sense of place. Designs are refined, manipulated, scaled and finished with attention and affection. To hear the remark, “That’s so Oly,” is not unusual. The collection is unpredictable, undefinable, and entirely distinctive. 

Oly designs often echo the natural world, but in a distinctive voice with an exquisitely playful or surreal twist. Oly, at its essence, is simple yet sublime and elegantly utilitarian.

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106 N Wrenn St, High Point, NC 27260, USA

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