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Norwalk is an American manufacturer of high-quality custom upholstery furniture. Based in Norwalk, Ohio, operating in a mid-century modern 440,000 square foot factory, whose team – composed of roughly 225 craftspeople, many of whom are second and third-generation artisans – create over 40,000 pieces each year by hand and are proud to participate in the domestic maker movement.

“In upholstery, you have to pass the eye test, tush test, and pocketbook test. At Norwalk, with fabrics that go from the basics to the jewelry, a range of comfort options, and price points in the middle to upper-middle range, you can really please the core of today’s consumer.” – Caroline Hipple

While COM is always an option, Norwalk’s inhouse collection of approximately 1,000 fabrics and leathers is curated and updated with an eye on trend, performance, and sustainability by fabric connoisseurs Caroline Hipple and Dixon Bartlett, company president and creative director, respectively, who choose their partners carefully and make sure materials come from responsible suppliers who are concerned about consumers’ health and safety. And, they source locally whenever possible.

Five hundred miles south, the High Point showroom always features an assortment of the newest and bestselling styles along with an abundant library of covers. The Atlanta and Las Vegas showrooms are also open year-round should those cities be more convenient. Wherever you source Norwalk, make yourself at home.

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