Why attend?

This year’s VRD Summit promises to enrich, inspire, and empower.

Join the industry’s most innovative interior designers, property investors, realtors, and home brands using exceptional design to transform ordinary rentals into extraordinary experiences. Because ordinary just isn’t going to work anymore.

Learn to create more than just pretty spaces—craft profit-making, scroll-stopping, memory-making experiences.

Uplevel more than just your listings, uplevel your entire business. Elevate your skills, network with the best, and stand out in a sea of rentals.

Because in this next generation of hospitality design, it’s not just about aesthetics, but the art of business.

Get ready to uplevel everything. Your listings. Your business.

And your profit.

Catch the vibe of last year’s VRD Summit

Contribute your expertise!

Our call for speakers submission deadline is December 29, 2023.

Designers. Realtors. Investors. Hosts…

become a part of something big!

The idea for the VRD Summit was initiated by Jessica Duce, of JDuce Design and Vacation Rental Designers.

Jessica understands that the power of design is crucial, but marrying it with sound business acumen is revolutionary.

That’s why she created the Vacation Rental Designers Collective. Their members range from vacation property owners and investors, to hosts, to interior designers and realtors, each seeking to enhance their business while sharing their expertise and unique skills.

Members learn how to run a successful vacation rental business while gaining insider insight and innovative strategies, all designed to ensure coveted five-star reviews.

Get game-changing business support for interior designers, realtors, hosts and investors, all in one place.

Become a part of something big.

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