Randall Tysinger Antiques | Open by appointment & during events

Randall Tysinger Antiques is a not-to-be-missed outlier located in the heart of High Point. The city is known the the world over as the furniture capital of the world, a hub of design and manufacturing know-how. Furniture brands and new products are launched with aplomb at the biannual High Point Market. 

In this rich milieu of newness, Randall Tysinger stands as a renowned High Point antique dealer. A direct importer of fine quality antiques for over 30 years, Randall hand picks the finest European antiques across centuries and geographies. Randall Tysinger is known for his unerring eye, attention to provenance, and a welcoming and ever-changing showroom on North Elm Street.

 “There is but one love: the continuing passion to find the treasure left behind,” Randall Tysinger, owner

Inevitably, a visit will be fun and informative. New containers arrive with regularity. Designers shop for the latest treasures. Randall and his team are experts in the history of furniture and design – there to share passion and information. 

What’s new in High Point may be old, and beautifully so. Discovery awaits at Randall Tysinger Antiques.

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