Itinerant Studio invites you to see the world through its lens. Don’t miss the chance. It’s a mesmerizing view. Experimental, playful and inviting, Itinerant Studio is a production art studio creating original and limited-edition mixed-media works using an innovating mix of techniques and materials. Itinerant Studio’s High Point showroom is open to the trade only. 

“We can get an idea on Tuesday, and by Thursday we are looking at a finished piece! That’s the level of commitment we bring to our business and our customers,” Vicki Rulli, co-founder

Itinerant Studio is the creative brainchild of partners in life, work and art, Vicki and Tom Rulli. They connected over a shared passion for photography and a keen interest in evolving the art form, experimenting with techniques, treatments and media mix. A “what if” never goes unanswered. It shows in their lively, fresh work. Itinerant Studio collections are both personal – follow their travelling eye from prairie to coast, ancient ruins to modern skyscrapers – and universal, entirely at home in so many design plans, residential and commercial. 

Itinerant Studio is open to trade members only during events and by appointment.

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410 N Wrenn St, High Point, NC 27262, USA

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