What came first? Creativity or brand? For Design Legacy, it’s clearly the former. Kelly O’Neal may be creativity incarnate. Artist, textile designer, collector of ephemera, A-list collaborator, traveller, ad world refugee and former fashion designer, Kelly is the creative impresario behind Design Legacy, the homegoods company he founded  thirty years ago.

 “The showroom is a jewel box, a presentation of everything we do. It’s entry to a world of color, joy and inspiration.” Kelly O’Neal

Rolling stones do indeed gather moss. Design Legacy is an ever morphing expression of what Kelly sees, loves and brings into his merry mix, including best friends and collaborators like Michelle Nussbaumer and Denise McGaha. Design Legacy’s High Point showroom is the place to see it all – formerly during the biannual Market only. The flagship on West MLK Jr Drive in High Point is in the process of o-p-e-n-i-n-g as part of the HPxD. We can’t wait to see Design Legacy in full bloom.

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