Change is coming.

HPxD is a cadre of flagship showrooms passionate about the world of design and the city of High Point.

Want to get involved?

Can you see the future? Take a peek with us, and imagine High Point as a year-round hub of creative activity for designers, retailers, creators, students and even design enthusiasts. Where to begin? By opening some of the city’s flagship showrooms. Are you with us?

Open High Point for designers, retailers and design enthusiasts? The industry weighs in.


"Very interesting. Access to some of the city's best showrooms year-round? High Point will be an even more important resource for me."

Gary Inman, Interior Designer, Richmond


"Well, it’s about time. Opening up the amazing resources of High Point beyond Market is logical, a win-win for brands and buyers. Everybody. I’m in. Mecox is coming."

Mac Hoak, Mecox


"HPxD is all about experiences! It’s a great way to connect with the trade and their customers, and to showcase our brand in a new way."

Stacey Osiecki, President of Sales, Bobo Intriguing Objects


"This is brilliant. Shopping High Point with clients during Market is unmanageable. Ongoing access makes all things possible."

Traci Kearns, Designer, Asheville, NC

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